DuraLink HD Heavy Duty Metal Connection Plates

DuraLink HD heavy duty connection plates provide the strongest connection for applications using oversized rolling loads or over uneven terrain. The Double DuraLink HD is a steel plate with four heavy duty threaded steel prongs inset and welded at the corners. The Single DuraLink HD features two threaded prongs. Mats are secured to the plates with standard flanged lug-nuts. Use DuraLink HD for super heavy-duty loads, long term applications, or over uneven or soft terrain.

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DuraLink HD Size
7″ x 7″ x 0.24″

Single DuraLink HD
7″ x 2″ x 0.24″

DuraLink Metal Links

DuraDeck metal links are formed using 3/4″ x 1/4″ flat steel and are available in two and four way versions to connect two mats together end to end, or four mats together at an intersection. Large continuous roadways can be created easily by connecting DuraDeck with DuraLinks and work pad extensions and turning areas can be added of any size. Use DuraLink for heavy duty loads and for long term projects on uneven or softer ground surfaces.

DuraHook Drag Hooks

To speed the installation of DuraDeck, Signature Systems recommends DuraHook drag hook. This accessory can be inserted into pre-molded connector holes on each panel, allowing sections to be easily dragged into position.

DuraDeck Plug Holes

Use DuraDeck plug holes to plug unused connection holes which prevents mud and water from seeping up to the surface of the mats.

Metal DuraPallets Storage Racks

Signature offers extra-large metal pallets for the easy transport of DuraDeck mats. Simply band sections to the DuraPallet for easy forklift handling, loading and unloading, and storage. Each DuraPallet is constructed from 1.25″ square tube metal and can support up to 50 DuraDeck sheets.

DuraDeck Convenience Pack

Each convenience pack contains:

  • 24 DuraDeck mats strapped to a DuraPallet
  • Optional DuraLinks
  • Optional DuraHooks

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