Signature access mats are strong, durable, long lasting, and easy to maintain. DuraDeck can bear a weight load many times that of wood, will not splinter under intense pressure, and the High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) composition provides superior flexibility to conform to ground conditions without breaking.

Signature construction mats eliminate the possible transmission of parasites, chemicals, mold, debris and are easy to clean. Treated wood mats degrade quickly when exposed to the elements. Signature composite mats contain a UV additive that prevents sun damage; not only will sunlight change the color of wood mats over a short period of time, the cycle of absorbing rain water and drying out will speed up decomposition. Rain water and chemical spills can also leave the surface of wood mats slick and dangerous for workers and equipment alike. Signature’s anti-slip traction pattern provides a consistently safe surface for an entire work site

These properties give Signature composite matting a life span many times that of wood-based systems, making them more cost-efficient in the long-term. A superior product that also conserves one of the planet’s most precious resources makes Signature access systems an unbeatable combination.

Maximum Return on Investment

Since DuraDeck is reusable, there is a significant cost savings over time, consider this DuraDeck versus wood mat cost comparison:

  • If a DuraDeck mat is purchased for $200.00 and the mat is used 10 times per year over the life expectancy, 7 years or 70 uses, the cost per use of a DuraDeck mat is only $2.85, ($200.00/70 uses).

Versus a Wood Mat

  • If a 3/4″ piece of plywood is purchased for $31.00, and lasts for approximately 5 uses, the cost per use of a plywood mat is $6.20, which 54% more expensive than a DuraDeck mat, ($31.00/5 uses).

If 1 sheet of plywood lasts for 5 uses:
70 uses of plywood = 14 pieces of plywood (70 uses/5 uses per sheet)
14 pieces of plywood at a cost of $31.00 = $434.00 (14 pieces X $31.00)

Cost of 70 uses of DuraDeck: $200.00
Cost of 70 uses of plywood: $434.00

Maximum Installation Efficiency

Signature composite mats are easy to align and configure in a variety of layouts. DuraDeck mats can easily connect on all four sides and will not drift or separate like traditional wood mats.

Maximum Shipping Efficiency

DuraDeck can be shipped in standard (8′ wide) ISO shipping containers. This drastically reduces costs and the chance of delays when compared to non-standard shipping methods often required to transport larger products.

Benefit Comparison DuraDeck Versus Plywood DuraDeck Plywood
Absorbs water No Yes
Warps when wet No Yes
Gets heavier when wet No Yes
Loses strength when wet No Yes
Has safety hazards (splinters, loose nails, broken boards, etc.) No Yes
Can rot or be eaten by termites No Yes
Contains arsenic No Possible
Used in environmentally sensitive areas No Yes
Contains recycled content Yes No
Treaded traction surface Yes No
Integrated connection system Yes No
Can be used for other applications (if stolen) No Yes

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