Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park is the premiere winter holiday center of Midtown Manhattan. Filled with shops, eateries and events, the Village’s centerpiece attraction is a 17,000 sq ft ice skating rink in the center (roughly the size of two city blocks). Surrounding the rink is a 28,000 sq ft pedestrian walkway in need of weather resistant temporary surfacing.

“The rink is outdoors and open to the public for four months. Artificial turf does an effective job as a temporary surface that’s safe and responds well to water and snow but only lasts a few days. They needed something stronger so we rolled out UltimaTurf™.”
Said Louis Thomas, sales manager for Signature Systems Group.

UltimaTurf™ has a woven marine backing, allowing it to last longer and maintain its quality look and feel even in wet conditions. We knew from the previous year that the heat seam wouldn’t be able to hold up to four months of heavy traffic. Instead, Signature overlayed the edges of each run in a 3-inch strip with a strong double-sided tape to hold the separate edges together and then stapled the UltimaTurf™ to the plywood surface beneath. With seven people working it took only 24 hours across 3 days to cover the entire 28,000 sq ft.