Located in southwestern Pennsylvania, the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort rests on 2,000 acres that includes luxury rooms, homes, a casino, adventure center, and a wildlife academy. 2018 marked the 95th birthday of Bill Hardy, Nemacolin’s owner, and a celebration was planned at the center. The lobby, ballroom, and bars would all need to be done in 4,800 ft2 of white carpet, but that meant replacing the existing dark green carpet with a matching white.

Signature Systems Group’s Event™ carpet was a perfect fit. The Event™ line of carpet is plush and easy to install. As a temporary carpet, however, the challenge would be installing the carpet over the existing green. Since the sections are heat steamed together, a layer of paper was used to protect the resort’s carpet while the Event™ carpet was placed.

“ We’re extremely impressed at what they’re capable of, especially the ability to bind carpet on location. Bill was so pleased with the final product he wanted to pay for Signature’s hotel rooms!”
– All Occasions Party Rental

In addition to the carpet, the event space included a beautiful marble floor. Our installation technicians use a special portable sewing machine for custom, on-site bindings. When we were finished, the carpet naturally transitioned into the marble floor. The new floor looked and felt as if it was the natural carpet for the space. Both Hardy and the event planners were pleased with the finished product and impressed by the ability to do finished binding on-site.