Lightweight Ground Protection for Events

OmniDeck™ LD Panels

Lightweight Ground Protection for Events

OmniDeck™ LD is the latest innovation in fast-deploying ground protection, ideal for pedestrian access for events and ground protection. The lightweight panels protect people and property and are as attractive as they are strong.

Signature’s omnidirectional “puzzle-piece” design saves labor costs as it can be installed quickly in many directions simultaneously and can be deployed around fixed objects like posts, electrical outlets or walls. The built-in locking system has no loose pieces or parts.

Aeration holes and an open-bottom design improve airflow, light penetration and drainage to support health of natural turf. OmniDeck™ LD panels are fully compatible with OmniDeck™ and less expensive for lighter duty applications.

6 ft (L) x 3 ft (W) x 1.5 in (H)
1.8 m x 0.9 m x 3.8 cm

Usable Surface Area
18 ft2 (1.67 m2)

WEIGHT: 36 lbs (16.3 kg)

WEIGHT CAPACITY: 200 psi, depending on subsurface conditions

COLOR: Translucent, anthracite gray

U.S. standard truck: 810 panels
40 ft ISO shipping container: 708 panels
20 ft ISO shipping container: 354 panels
UK lorry: 806 panels

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