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Access your worksite and protect the environment with Signature Industrial's virtually indestructible temporary roadways and platforms.

Signature Industrial

Manufacturer Of the #1 Industrial Composite Matting System in the World

Signature Industrial manufactures a range of heavy-duty composite matting products designed and engineered to support extreme weights in extreme environments, making it safer and easier to access remote areas and facilitating the prolonged use of heavy machinery in soft, sandy or unstable soil conditions.

Signature's Industrial Composite Matting products are in widespread use around the globe by countless industries, including:

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  • Heavy Haul Matting
  • Turf Protection for Events
  • Oil & Gas Drilling
  • Pipeline Construction
  • T&D Projects
  • Utility Repair
  • Site Remediation
  • Temporary Roadways
  • Staging Areas
  • Laydown Yards
  • Working Platforms
  • General Contractors
  • Landscape Companies
  • Pedestrian Walkways

Product Highlights

Signature Industrial's matting products feature a proprietary HDPE composite material for optimum strength and flexibility, anti-static additives, UV inhibitors, omni-directional traction pattern, and solid metal, easily-operated connection systems.

Signature Industrial composite mats are available in a range of sizes and weight-bearing capabilities to suit almost any industrial application:

  • Modular Roadway Mats
  • Rig Mats
  • Crane Mats
  • Working Platforms
  • Heavy Haul Mats
  • Laydown Yards
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Signature provided their flagship matting product MegaDeck to create miles of anti-slip, heavy-duty roadway through otherwise impassible rain forest terrain. Located in an environmentally-protected area, the project required the highest environmental and safety standards.