Crowd Control Steel Barricades


Crowd Control Steel Barricades

Enhance the look of your stadium while delineating vehicle and pedestrian traffic with freestanding event fencing from Signature Systems. Quickly control a crowd or create ticket lines with easy-to-maneuver, pre-assembled, sturdy fencing panels, installed in minutes with a minimal amount of labor.

CrowdStopper® steel barricades are manufactured from high-quality carbon steel and are hot-dipped galvanized inside and out to ensure long-term weather resistance. Signature’s durable stadium fencing is designed for long- lasting reuse and will not rust or rot. CrowdStopper is installed using an interlocking industry standard hook and half-loop fastening system.

Galvanized Steel Barricades Overall Length: 8′ 6″ (8′ 3″ when interlocked)

Overall Height: 43″

Bridge Foot Style – 43 lbs
Flat Foot Style – 44 lbs

Material: Steel

Main Frame: Outside perimeter (main frame) is made of 1½ ” O.D. galvanized steel tubing, minimum 16 gauge. The outer frame is a single length of tubing without welds or deformation. Pipe is bent at right angles with a minimum of smooth deformation. Horizontal and vertical bars are at right angles to overall frame.

Grill: 21 equally-spaced bars inside vertical members, made of ½” O.D. steel tubing, minimum 16 gauge. Minimum of ½” weld at the top and at the bottom of each upright bar. 21 interior bars are 4¼”apart, O.D. to O.D. The spacing between inside vertical members does not exceed 4½” and meets all standard codes.

Locking: Male-Female interlocking ends. Units join and unlock at one position (30 degrees). Male interlocking device is a minimum ⅝” diameter rod welded through main frame at both ends. Male/Female connections have enough clearance to allow for uneven ground, a minimum of ½” on top and bottom when connected.

Feet: Two (2) bolt on flat feet ½” x 2″ flat steel bar with 1¼” O.D. 14 galvanized stem, or
Two (2) bolt on bridge feet 1½” O.D. galvanized steel, 16 gauge, with ¼” O.D. galvanized stem.

Finish: Entire panel is hot-dip zinc-galvanized after welding conforming to Marine specifications. Every barrier is filed after galvanizing so that burrs from galvanizing are filed smooth and there are no sharp points.

Finishes: Galvanized steel.

Warranty: 3-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

CrowdStopper GS01 – Bridge Foot Steel Barricade



CrowdStopper GS02 – Flat Foot Steel Barricade



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