Heavy-Duty Omnidirectional Turf Protection System


Heavy-Duty Omnidirectional Turf Protection System

Fast to Deploy, Easy to Store, and Protects Your Turf

OmniDeck™ is the fastest deploying and strongest stadium turf protection system available. Our innovative “puzzle-piece” design saves labor costs as it can be installed in north, south, east and west directions simultaneously and can be deployed around fixed objects like goal posts, electrical outlets or walls. Panels can also fit in nonstandard spaces. The built-in locking system has no loose pieces or parts, and its elite load distribution can handle even the largest crowds and equipment.

OmniDeck™ is durable enough to withstand substantial weight loads while protecting the integrity of a natural grass, synthetic or hybrid playing surface. The panels can be easily carried by two people for fast deployment, with a design that’s intuitive to install. Built-in handholds and locking notifications offer upgrades in safety

Protects Natural and Synthetic Turfs

  • Closed bottom design distributes weight evenly,
    preventing damage to the surface below
  • Small indentions throughout the bottom to
    promote airflow to turf
  • Translucent material allows sunlight to reach turf






Versatile Puzzle-Piece Design

  • Allows for thermal expansion without the need for expansion joints
  • Can build from any edge – no installation bottlenecks
  • Any panel can be unlocked and removed for easy subsurface access

Product Durability / Longevity

  • Built-in UV stabilizers to reduce sun damage
  • No thin walls or overhangs
  • High impact, solvent-resistant polymer, won’t absorb or degrade with chemical exposure
  • Anti-static additives reduce static buildup

Module Size
6′ L x 3′ W x 1 ½” H
(1.8 m x 0.9 m x 3.8 cm)
Usable Surface Area 18 ft2 (1.67m2)

• Virgin High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
• Polycarbonate Cam Locks
• UV Resistant

55 lbs (24.9 kg)

Weight Loading
600 PSI


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OmniDeck™ Installation at Tropicana Field

OmniDeck™ Installation Timelapse Video

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